Chorus america éves egyezmény az öregedés elleni küzdelemért

When you get this metaphysical kick in the head, you have the potential to do magic.

In memoriam Görömbei András

This Awakening to a wider world, on the other hand, always signals the capacity to learn real magic. Magic gives us all sorts of ways to transform the Quintessence of the universe. By changing that energy, we rework, create or destroy Patterns in the world around us. Your magic is a tool. Each ritual, observance or utterance focuses that energy and twists it around.

End result: I say a few words in a magical language, and we step through a wall; you concentrate on the halszem lencse of magic, and you can see it; we believe strongly enough, and it becomes real.

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There are all sorts of ways to discuss magic, ways to categorize it and means to learn it. Complex ranks, titles and formulae codify magic to the infinite degree. Obviously, nothing in this world is free.

Magic is no exception.

A magician can only do what he has the will, belief and training to back up. Remember, you can only handle so much at once. The other problem is that magic has a tendency to get out of hand. Since magic reflects your desire, it naturally shows off your intentions and your emotions. The really blatant stuff runs the risk of Paradox. See, I know from my train- ing and my understanding of magic that I can move through a wall with the right rituals, yet everything that we know about the world says that doing so is impossible.

Jézus Sirák fia asztala

So, the more outlandish your magic, the more you run the risk of an outright backfire. Doing something that just nudges reality along its appointed rounds is simple. Going hell-bent on whacked-out spells and drawing down all sorts of nastiness, on the other hand, not only takes work, but it involves some major changes. The more you try to change the universe around, the more likely it is to whip you upside the head in return. Paradox could just crash your magic, or it could cause all sorts of weirdness to afflict you.

In severe cases, it even explodes.

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The moral is to keep your magic subtle and low-key. Chorus america éves egyezmény az öregedés elleni küzdelemért nod and at least pretend to pay attention.


That means that you can learn to do magic responsi- bly, or you can blow yourself apart. Chances are, if you screw up, you get to take someone I know along for the ride.

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A History Lesson I first discovered magic many, many years ago, but I was just as ig- norant as you. It took a few weeks for me to run into someone who recognized my predicament and decided to show me the truth. From my teacher I learned the rudiments of magic, history and society, mystical style. For the better part of, say, about ten thousand years, these people dug up bizarre secrets, cavorted with strange entities and basically ran around engaging in all manner of experimentation in the pursuit of power, wisdom, security and anything else that humans could want.

People really did all of those miraculous things, and they still do today. The ear- liest mages probably had to improvise as they went along. Somewhere along the way, they started talking to one another about how they did things. Mages shared ideas and theories, they concocted reasons for their spells, and they passed down their beliefs from teacher to student.

From these roots were born magical orders.

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These magical fraternities fought like angry cats over fine points of dogma, theory and practice. Martial arts masters kicked the crap out of reincarnation- ist Kevorkians while the Church burned witches at the stake.

Middle Eastern seers and alchemists clashed with European knights. Shamanic cultures got eradicated in the crossfire. Close enough. Basically, mages warred over who was right, who was wrong and who deserved to guide and shepherd humanity. Everybody had a vision but none of them could agree. Masters and their students formed jealous cabals to defend their hidden treasures, and each group squabbled with all the rest. Somehow, humanity stumbled along, alternately fearing and worshipping these mystics who brought them potent new ways of thinking but also shackled them with conflicting ideas or pure, outright dis- belief.

Europe labored under a feudal system where nobility and the Church fought for dominance as scholars and 8 Mage: The Ascension mystics evaded scrutiny so that they could pursue knowledge undisturbed.

In Asia, great empires that would form China, Japan, Korea and the like all pioneered complex social systems meshed with chorus america éves egyezmény az öregedés elleni küzdelemért budding martial arts and philosophi- cal religions like Buddhism and Shinto.

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Africa had thriving cities, kingdoms and wizardly advisors before it was decimated with plagues, famines and colonization. The Americas boasted native peoples who built mathematical systems, engineering feats, intricate religions and some frighteningly clever devices. In every one of these cultures, mages pioneered everything from agricultural developments to mechani- cal wizardry to social change.

Sure, some normal humans had great impacts, too, but by and large, mages inspired a lot of the most outstanding, radical changes. Europe got organized with ambition. In Europe, the mages involved in the Church found themselves in political warfare, while the more scholarly ones pursued their magic in an attempt to understand and control the universe.

Mage - Magyar

Naturally, they spread. Although mages made some great strides, they left people behind. That pride cost them dearly.