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Szilágyi Szabolcs, dr. Kocsis Bianka, dr. Bobvos Pál, Prof. Sibilla Buleca UAProf. Csák Csilla, Prof.


Diana Cirmaciu ROProf. Dudás Attila RSProf. Fodor László, Dr. Horváth Gergely, Dr. Horváth Szilvia, Dr. Kurucz Mihály, Prof. Massimo Monteduro ITDr. Nagy Zoltán, Prof.

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Valódi mézet documentaire abeilles suisse anti aging európai fogyasztóknak! Integrated systems are classified in different ways in the literature as well, several approaches are possible. Integration which is the organised form of cooperation can be achieved through a contractual relationship or by establishing common organisational frameworks but in both cases we can talk about a coordinated action.

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Integration relations established within the framework of organisational cooperation can be horizontal or vertical. In the model of horizontal integration usually the collaboration of companies with the same economic potential can be observed.

Vertical integration means the integration of a product sector, as it basically relates to a product sector. In the documentaire abeilles suisse anti aging of contractual integration the similar types occur with the difference that this model is not an organisational unity in company law sense but it is an activity-oriented regulatory unity.

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XIII No. Integration is an indispensable element and precondition of agricultural organisation of production. Various integration models have developed concerning historical perspective and they have a growing importance.

In itself multifunctional agriculture 3 is an integration model, such kind of integration model that realizes the integration of different interests, such as economic, social and environmental protection interests.


There are mandatory elements, rules of the validation of different interests, e. In addition, there are such common interests that appear as possible elements, such as promotion and validation of social character within the frame of agricultural activity.

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In the long term, the development and placement of possible interests integration into agricultural frames creates the real purpose of integration in which case the complex treatment of economic and social issues may be carried out. In this study I would like to illustrate the organizational and contractual form of economic integration, the realization forms and further development possibilities of interest integration from legal regulation point of view.

In itself, integration is a quite broad term which is considered to be an organised, state-recognised form in order to enforce economic or economic and individual interests and benefits. Organisational issues of economic integration Several theories have developed for the economic theoretical approach and analysis of agro-economic activities and cooperative relations and for the examination of paradigms and alternative paradigms from economics perspective.

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However, economic integration must fit into the systematic system of organisation of production and management which organisational frameworks and operating mechanisms are ensured by legal regulation. In historical approach, the cooperative sector belongs to this organisational system which is explicitly classified into integrative organisations today but considering its history cooperatives realized a high level of cooperation examining their specific features.

The different approach of this model appears in particular in the relation between the cooperative and its members.

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Before the change of regime in the system of common use systemmembership interests were subordinated to the cooperative, then the balance of interests and the promotion of membership interests appeared in the legislation of cooperatives,in agricultural level but in generally as well according to the role of cooperatives that co-operative is a legal person with the objective to satisfy the members economic and social needs This provision clearly defines those features of cooperatives that anti aging ásványi por the interests of the members and the purchasing, sale, service, etc.

The organisational framework of cross-border cooperation appears in cooperative level as well by introducing the regulation of European Cooperative Society SCE into the EU legislation 6 and Member Documentaire abeilles suisse anti aging s legislation 7. SCE, considering its legal nature, is a supranational legal person founded with subscribed share capital and variable capital that carries on the cooperative principles and values.

Both common feature that they intend to promote the producer documentaire abeilles suisse anti aging of members but they implement this aim in different ways and with different tools.

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Supply cooperatives intended to increase profit by the placement of products with favourable conditions higher volume, higher price. Demand cooperatives: a cooperative Banks: reduced production costs and provided higher profit on the same prices through favourable loans; b purchasing cooperatives: reduced production costs and provided higher profit by insuring materials and tools on a favourable price; c machine use cooperative: reduced production costs and provided higher profit by insuring means of production; d land lease cooperatives: reduced production costs and provided higher profit by acquiring agricultural land.

A producer group or a producer organisation gains its status as the result of state recognition which decision is taken by the Minister for Agricultural Policy. Producers operating according to the same product or group of products, concentrated into integrator organisation achieve a higher integration level by state recognition.

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A agricultural cooperative or a business association recognised as a producer group or a producer organisation supplies services for its members and carries out activities in order to strengthen the member s market position. A close and coordinated relationship and operational order between members and the organisation is required by legal regulation which means that the members and the organisation shall conclude a purchasing agreement, they shall observe strict production rules, a specific amount of their production of goods shall be distributed through the organisation and they may sell only their own produced products to the members of the group.