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Due to global warming and the expansion of human living-space, animal viruses pose a growing threat for human - and veterinary health. Pathogens causing severe epidemics are emerging more frequently thanks to global activities. One of our research aim is to identify well known and new pathogens in samples originating from Hungary and from foreign countries, thanks to our extensive international collaboration network.

We intend to monitor their prevalence, characterize their genetic background and describe the mechanism of viral infection.

E molekulák specifikusan képesek a hírvivô, messenger RNS-ek mRNS fehérjére történô átíródását gátolni elsôsorban a transzláció gátlásával, de egyes esetekben akár az mRNS lebomlásának elôsegítésével. Több humán betegségben észlelték megváltozott expressziójukat, a legtöbb adat azonban elsôsorban a mikro-RNS-ek daganatokban betöltött szerepében ismert. Mind szolid, mind hematológiai da- ganatokban jellegzetes mikro-RNS-expressziós mintázatokat észleltek. A follicularis pajzsmirigyrákok esetében a mikro- RNS-ek segítségével lehetséges a jóindulatú adenomák rosszindulatú daganatoktól történô elkülönítése.

Predominantly, we examine rodent and bat populations, but we also study mosquitoes, ticks and other arthropod vectors, too. We have established well functioning collaborations with stakeholders in public health, animal health and industry, thus we also contribute to the development of diverse diagnostic methods for the pathogens characterized in our lab.

Az Atg3 és az Atg7 oxidációja az autofágia gátlását közvetíti

Examination of pathomechanism and mechanism of action of antivirals On account of urbanization, people more often get into contact with infections spreading from animals to human. The spreading of diseases is almost unhindered in the population, primarily because of the emerging number of international travels. Dermatics anti aging termékek viral epidemics affecting whole societies do receive growing attention Ebola, Influenza, Human infecting coronaviruses, etc.

The discovery of a new viral infection thathas the potential to cause global pandemics is setting a huge challenge for researchers and necessitates the development of new antiviral drugs. The lack of antiviral active agents can lead to the inefficient treatment of viral infections.

endo sirna biogenesis anti aging

Specific treatment is available for some viruses, but their capacity for fast mutation ensures them advantage in the competition of developing new therapeutic agents. In our research we examine two effective methods differing in target points to eliminate viral infection: On the one hand, we target the replication cycle of the virus with RNA interference gene silencing.

This method has been successfully applied for many viral infections. The primary goal of RNA interference is the evolutional protection against exogenous pathogens and harmful, endogenous nucleic acids.

The RNA interference is generated by double-stranded RNA molecules, which can specifically attach to complement mRNA sequences, and by that leading to gene-specific translational silencing.

endo sirna biogenesis anti aging

Synthetic siRNA molecules designed by our group are evoking posttranscriptional silencing, when endonucleases degrade the target mRNAs. The other in-cell approach aims to hinder the assembly of the endo sirna biogenesis anti aging capsid with the application of specific, synthetic peptides.

Study of bat-borne viral pathogens Bats represent a unique group of mammals due to their flying and special orientation capabilities. They are the second most diverse group among mammals with a high number of species and wide geographic distribution.

(PDF) A mikro-RNS-ek jelentősége daganatos betegségekben | Peter Igaz - orhideatemetkezes.hu

They can be found in almost every continent except the Antarctica. Approximately species have been described so far, but the numbers of new species are increasing continually.

endo sirna biogenesis anti aging

Bats are highly socialized creatures, living in colonies which size can vary from small families to huge colonies with millions of specimens. They are responsible for numerous ecosystem services, for example the pollination of flowers on the tropics, pest control, and last but not least bat guano counts as a very valuable fertilizer.

endo sirna biogenesis anti aging

Since the global SARS Coronavirus pandemic inhigh number of viruses has been identified in bats. Some of them are able to cross species boundaries, thus able to infect other animals and human, too. Ebola viruses in Africa or Rabies virus in the Americas are good example to the risk that bats might mean. However, this risk is not limited only to the tropical regions.

Lyssaviruses found in bats have endo sirna biogenesis anti aging well-known in Europe for decades, but new viruses have been described recently thanks to ongoing researches. The investigation of pathogenicity and endo sirna biogenesis anti aging properties are the key to prevent human infection and also to protect vulnerable bat communities. Besides identifying new viruses, we aim to test their pathogenicity and to estimate the risk they pose in the aspect of human and animal health care and to bat conversation.

The main directions of our research are the following: Whilst many studies are focusing on this subject in Europe, data on the situation in Central-Eastern Europe and in Hungary is rarely available. Regular monitoring of bats can give us information on the distribution of viruses in time and space.

Furthermore it enables the examination of the most common genetic variants. The successfulness of virus isolation from different animal and human cell lines can give us information about their zoonotic potential.

Research portfolio

The results of virus isolation experiments from primary cell lines and immortalized cell lines are highly important, because it enables us to establish an applied laboratory model and it also gives an opportunity to study the chiroptera-borne viruses virus-host interactions. These data could give an essential insight to further investigate pathomechanisms and lay ground for clinical studies.

Hantaviruses research Hantaviruses are primarily borne by rodents rats, mice, volesshrews and by bats, according to the most recent studies. The virus does not sicken animals, but infected animals excrete the potentially infectious pathogen for their whole life span.

endo sirna biogenesis anti aging

The virus can enter the human body by inhaling dust contaminated with dry urine from infected animal. Many type of Hantaviruses found in Hungary can cause severe, sometimes life-threatening infections.

Gene Silencing by microRNAs

The most common manifestation is the hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, which causes severe kidney and liver malignancies. Most of the patients require hospitalization due to emerging renal failure. The viruses is spread by rodents living in the woods, but due to human expansion the living habitat of these rodents are endo sirna biogenesis anti aging human living space.

Hantaviruses mean cumulative burden for public health. Mostly people doing fieldwork in agriculture and forestry are affected, but soldiers, trail runners and hikers are also jeopardized. Our research group aim to assess the presence of viruses in animals known to spread Hantaviruses. Furthermore, we aim to genetically characterize these pathogens, examine the dynamics of infection between specimens and areas. Finally, in collaboration with the clinics of the University of Pécs, investigation of patient cases that require hospitalisation, monitor the course of the disease and develop the diagnostics of hantaviruses is also comprised in our activity.

Ecology and epizootiology of zoonoses Drastic acceleration of globalization and urbanization resulted in the change of natural habitat globally, that led to the alteration of ecological systems and the structure of animal communities. Cohabitation between animals endo sirna biogenesis anti aging human became more close, the contact events are increasing rapidly.

A mikro-RNS-ek jelentősége daganatos betegségekben

The above mentioned processes affect the prevalency of animal-borne infectious diseases zoonoses both directly and indirectly, as the risk of human infection is emerging. The risk of diseases is relevant on all continents, most commonly among rodents living in cities Rodentiadifferent thick species Ixodidaemosquitos Culicidaehorse-flies Ceratopogonidae.

Although studies on zoonoses are multifaceted, the ecological aspects endo sirna biogenesis anti aging spreading pathogens seasonality, distribution, sensibility, impact of collateral occurrence, risk of urbanization are not well-described. We intend to investigate the ecological relevance and background of infectious diseases, beside detecting zoonoses in urban areas viruses, bacteria, protozoon and vermins.

Thus we intend to collectively study vector and host organisms, their distribution in time and space, and the affecting environmental circumstances. In our research we apply the methodology of different fields, such as Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Epidemiology and Ecology.

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Laboratory work is well complemented with the investigation and modelling of ecological influencing factors with complex statistical analysis. Research of insect-specific flaviviruses Several single-stranded RNA viruses belong to the Flaviviridae genus that is highly significant in public health, for example Dengue-virus, Yellow fever virus or West-Nile virus.

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However, flaviviruses are arthropod-borne, it can spread between vertebrates and arthropod vectors by horizontal transmission. Some of the flaviviruses are also transmitted horizontally and infect vertebrates, but their vector is unknown. A new, small group of flaviviruses has been discovered in the last decade, namely the group of insect-specific flaviviruses.

After their discovery, it has been observed that insect specific flaviviruses can only replicate in mosquito hosts, and they lack the capability to replicate in vertebrate hosts.

Beside this, they endo sirna biogenesis anti aging globally widespread, and their subsistence is ensured by vertical transmission. In contrast with other group of flaviviruses, the role of insect-specific flaviviruses in nature are not well known, endo sirna biogenesis anti aging many in vitro studies focus on the investigation of this problem. It is likely that insect-specific flaviviruses are able to suppress the reproduction of human pathogen flaviviruses.

Even though, according to recent studies insect specific flaviviruses are not capable to cause human disease, this matter need to be further investigated in order to certify that they are not able to develop into human pathogenic viruses.