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View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Valuable lor either ulngl© upoclmons or Rmall hedge.

The {ollage in fihinlna green and hlahly aromoric. Ea«lly kopi pruned down 1o 3 oleander anti aging. OO- M. Plant 'M inn aporl. Gar COM. Excellent for deoorl planting.

Full nun or part nhado. Is a boautilul fihrub throughout all of Calilornta. Sun iwnt coai:l.

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Full nun. Dry noil. The plont in related lo the Everlafltings, and the llowem may be cut. Full nun along coant, part shado Inland, 15', 5- gal. The Chinese Pholinia Photinia lerrulala. For oil ol California and Arizono thoro in no liner large overgroon r,hrub than thin magnilicont ploni At oil llmon il in clothed with great dark, nhlning 8-inch loavos, which ore dotted dur- ing fall and winter with occauional brillionl rod leaves, and In spring tho plant bocomec a solid moan of great 6-inch heods of white lloworn.

Balled, ft.

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Poinsettia PolnBBllla pulehorrima. Tho well known "Chtlf.

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Poiniiollia Honriette Oleander anti aging. The large, brilliant rod lloworn havo a full doublo center like a peony, Exiromoly unuBual. South Africa. Oleander anti aging growing, bright groon, oalhory foliagod plant, with iipikos ol a light blue Broom-liko flowora. Very iihowy and ooeily grown.

Full Dun. Dry i;oil. Dwarf Pomegranate Punlca gionolum nana. A minialuro Pome- granate with frosh groon foliage, many bright flcarlol flowers and email crimGon Iruits, Al- moul overgroon. Full sun. Coast or doserl.

J2Xi Small tree or large shrub of compact habit, with very Irogranl white flowers, followed by clusters of large orange berries in fall and winter. See illustration below. A wide spreading, dense, round headed shrub, with deep, glossy green foliage, excellent for mossing against the house or wall, or for a fine large nedge. In ihe winter it is covered with smoll.

oleander anti aging

Fine for Arizona. A beautifully variegated form ol the above. Australia, 20 ft. Deep green, glossy undulated leaves. Its yellow- ish white flowers are very fragrant, especially at night. Probably more widely planted in California lor this use than any other plant.

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Boiled, bushy, ll. Rhododendrons Rhododendrons.

oleander anti aging

All Rhododendrons should have an acid soil and must be planted un- der trees or in shody locations in Southern California. The following plants ore oil ready to bloom next spring.

Big clusters of white, ex- ceedingly fragrant llowers, fl. Michael Woteror.

oleander anti aging

Pink Pearl. The Brilliant'Berried Pyracanthas The evergreen Howlhcrns ore exceedingly valuable for their great wealth of bright col- ored trerries in the legjobb öregedésgátló hidratáló 2020 reklám and winter, which re- main on Ihe plant for many months.

Pyracantha alalantoides.

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A magnificent new variety from China, upright in growth, with dark luslrous green fohage and many brilliant scarlet berries clustered profusely up and down the branches. Not only o beautiful sight when the berries color up in oil and winter, but in spring as well when it is cov- ered with a white holo of bloom.

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The most popular variety, growing more slender and erect than most others, with a wealth of bright oronge colored berries which it holds all through the fall and winter. Handsome foliage. For spectacular quantities ol big, brilliantly colored, rich red berries this variety has the entire group surpassed. We rather think il is the best red-berried variety of all. Compact and richly foliaged plant.

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Pyracantha kansuensia. This new orange-berried variety, only recently intro- duced from the far interior of China, bears such enormous masses of its bright berries that it seems impossible for the bush to hold them all, A solid flaming mass in the fall and winter. Plont vigorous and widespread- ing.

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SOc, P. One of the most vig- orous plants of this group, the dork glossy green foliage act- ing OS a back- ground for great of red berries. If you want lots of wth, lots ol berries, and lots of foliage, this you wont.