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The polychromatic and mixed media collages pervaded by a playful and ironic vein, constitute the symbol of the Milan-born artist's satirical vein: the dismembering of form to express the deflagration of matter and imagery. With "Epater le robot" and "Mannequins Manichini " Baj stepped up criticism of contemporary society and the indiscriminate use of technology, while with "Metamorphosis and metaphors Metamorfosi e metafore ", "Mythology of Kitsch Mitologia del Kitsch " and "Garden of delights Il giardino delle delizie " he denounced the corruption of taste brought about by the culture of industrial products.

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The close relationship between painting and literature was always an endless source of inspiration for Baj. Evidence of his relationship with poets and literary intellectuals, both Italian and foreign, can be seen in a series of fifty artist's books, complete with prints and many other books, ranging from the work or poets of the classical age like Lucretius, Martial, Tacitus and increasingly more recent authors, including: Lewis Carrol, John Milton, André Breton, Edoardo Sanguineti, Roberto Sanesi, Umberto Eco, Alda Merini.

He also made memorable contributions to the world of theatre with his famous marionettes created for Alfred Jarry's "Ubu Roi" in A restless artist and intellectual, Baj constantly wove together his creative work with intellectual reflections on art.

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Midway photos de vevey suisse anti aging the Fifties, he contributed to the magazines "Il Gesto" and "Phases". His works have been exhibited in the world's leading museums and art galleries. Enrico Baj died in Vergiate Varese on 16th June

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