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Last month UK police took down several torrent site proxies and arrested their owner. However, there are very good arguments that general purpose proxies, even ones that are expressly setup to bypass filtering and are able to unblock sites such as Pirate Bayremain on a decent legal footing.

The slippery slope is becoming a scary precipice.

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In the space of a couple of minutes and with no specialist knowledge, users can easily create their own PAC files covering any blocked site they like. Once configured, their browser will silently unblock anti aging kritikos. This URL is not ephemeral, you can email it, tweet it there is a tweet button on the left hand side of the site etc and it will provide the recipient with the exact same view.

And since no High Court injunction forbids any user from accessing a blocked domain, both service and user remain on the right side of the law.

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In terms of use, RPINAC is unobtrusive, anti aging kritikos no popups, promotions or advertising, and will not ask for payment or donations, a further important legal point. At a bare minimum PAC file serving and education for creating local proxies will continue indefinitely. So, in return, he has plans to release the source code for the project under the GPL 3.

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Additional information can be sourced here.